Commercial Use Cases

Silent Disco

Are you a marketer? Silent disco operator? Looking for a totally unique experience? 

Silent disco is a growing trend where people listen to music through wireless headphones as opposed to loudspeakers. Music is broadcast via FM, and users can often pick from one of a few channels (e.g. 3 competing DJ’s). Noise is drastically reduced because there is no loud music, and secondly because people are not trying to speak over the music. When people do want to speak, currently they must take their headsets off. That’s where Switchboard comes in and changes the game. 

Switchboard can control the music and communications through the headset, providing the user with manual control options (i.e. through the handset or buttons on the headset) as well as automated control options (i.e. based on proximity or line of sight). The silent disco concept is catching on in events ranging from music festivals, bars, and concerts to house parties, corporate functions, weddings, live theatre, pub crawls, and other unique events. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Flash mobs are a similar concept where people bring their own headphones and music. With Switchboard you can synchronize your music and talk no matter how loud you like to play it. 

For Tour Guides & Travelers

Are you a supplier of audio guide hardware? Do you want to create unique experiences and drive improved customer feedback? 


By integrating our communications software you can allow tourists to listen to the guide and talk privately with friends. For city tours, the whole experience can be augmented with music without cutting off communication. We envision a network of travelers interacting with one another. Create the most unique silent disco pub crawl in the world, allowing real time communication over music. Get in touch for more ideas. 

Radio communications are common in field operations such as mining operations and oilfields. Existing radio based communication systems do not facilitate hands-free communication. The need to use walkie talkies often requires workers to remove hearing protection, gloves, or otherwise interrupts their focus. 

Always-on communication can be used in conjunction with hearing protection to keep workers’ hands warm, and on the task at hand. Volume management, gestures, and voice commands can be used to provide the flexibility required, without needing to startle the worker. Noisy manufacturing facilities, wood shops, metalworking shops, and other indoor facilities are among many examples where workers often wear hearing protection. 

For Safer Worksites

Allowing workers to communicate more easily through their hearing protection could help to prevent worker fatigue, and increase the amount of collaboration, thereby reducing operator error and miscommunication. 

On construction projects, workers are often out of vocal reach of engineers, foremen, and others with whom they need to communicate. They may be high up in a crane, in a piece of noisy equipment, or in a confined area. Presently, in order to communicate, the worker must interrupt his work. He may need to put tools down to receive a phone call (risking a drop from overhead), climb out of a piece of machinery, or otherwise be interrupted in an annoying or dangerous way. We can leverage proximity, line of site, voice commands, and other tools to make instantaneous connections. 

A few other use cases

For Events & Nightclubs

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Virtual Reality

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