Consumer Use Cases

You know they will hear you because you can see when they have their headphones on. Privacy settings will control who can reach you without asking first.


Want to use it alone? Why should you have to remove your headphones to communicate with the person in the cubicle next to you? Does your boss throw a foam football at your head to get your attention? Not anymore. Use "Solo-Mode" to deal with these issues. 

Stay in touch with teammates at the office. Many of us listen to music at work. Many of us still use text chat, toggling back and forth between our work screen and our communications app.

Why not leave a voice connection running in the background with your closest co-workers? Or, why not leave a connection running between you and your better half to make the work day a little more enjoyable with spontaneous chat throughout the day? Want to take a quick break? Have a look at your friend's list to see who is online and listening to music.

At the Office

Running & Fitness

Imagine you are running with a friend, and you are both listening to music on your headphones. 

How do you talk to your friend? You would normally either decrease the volume on your handset or physically remove a headphone from one ear. With Switchboard, your voice is picked up by your microphone and transmitted to your friend’s phone (Bluetooth, in this example), and sent to their headphones so that they hear your voice blended with their music. Additionally, using voice-detection technology, your friend’s phone will “know” when you speak, and automatically “duck” their music to a desired volume, striking a balance between voice clarity and a smooth musical experience.

The best part is, your friend could be running with you (Bluetooth) or in another city altogether (via internet). We see this as a tool that could connect runners from around the world, who could stay in touch while training or racing.

Imagine you want to stay in touch with your friend who is running in the same marathon.

Or maybe you want to let your family cheer you along from the sidelines. Perhaps you are about to head out for a leisurly 10km, and you wish you had someone to go with. Now you can connect to other runners, anywhere in the world, running at the same time. Motivate one another. Race one another. Jog to the same tunes. There are many possibilities here, but they all start with being connected. On the other hand, maybe you want to hit the treadmill, elliptical, or bike -- now you can stay in touch with the office, your workout partner, hubby, or kids. You've got your music on, but if someone needs to ask a quick question, you will be there, instantly able to respond without interrupting your workout. Suddenly that hour-long cardio session might be more convenient.

On the commute

Do you find yourself texting while walking? Do you listen to music on your commute? Free up your hands. 

Your headphones give your friends and co-workers a direct line to your ears. Let them know you're listening to music. Choose who can speak to you directly and who needs your permission. Stay in constant contact with your significant other while you both walk to work. Perhaps your friends walk to work at the same time. Why not share a joke or something crazy you just saw. Make your commute more fun and spontaneous. 

Switchboard app in action

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On the Road

In The Air

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