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Discover how we’re building tailored audio experiences for a variety of customers.

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Revamping the companion control app and groundbreaking built-in effects engine for an attachable smart amp.

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A single place for watch parties, games, music and other apps with friends—all with voice and video chat.

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Music streaming parties where you can talk while listening to music together.

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Additional Startup & Enterprise Customers

Improving sound for nearly 60 years.

Earth's most customer-centric company.

Technologies that help people connect.

Builds communities with a scalable communication solution that connects players across platform divides.

A global technology innovator, leading advances in AI, automation and hybrid cloud solutions that help businesses grow.

Aims to lead the event industry with the ability to seamlessly design and execute events of any scale.

A platform specializing in high-quality audio separation and extraction.

A voice AI featuring a digital phone concierge service with multiple capabilities.

A Virtual Music Studio for next-gen music creators.

Provides audio, networking and cryptographics C++ SDKs.

Allowing doctors to listen to heart sounds remotely, and to find early heart disease.

Manufacturers of professional audio products for recording studios.

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