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A multi-platform control app that compliments the Jamstack 2: the world’s most advanced guitar amp.

What does the Control App do?

The Jamstack Control App allows users to effortlessly change guitar and bass effects. They can browse, craft, tweak, and share effects presets through the app. The customization is next level, as users can change their recording mode, wireless modes, dial in dozens of settings, and create their own presets.

Mix and create your own effects in seconds

What we built

The app needed a revamp, particularly focusing on effects enhancements and fixes to the Android version. This involved stabilizing the Bluetooth connection between the app and amplifier chip, as well as:

  • debugging existing code for new release

  • creating a desktop updater

  • removing fragmentation

  • optimizing performance

  • new, easier to use effects

  • community features and gamification

Kotlin multiplatform was used to help build both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience across both platforms. With the improvements to the Android version a user with either device could now get the same rockin’ experience!


Synervoz was able to enhance the effects experience of the Control App, through new options and improved reliability, and continues to collaborate with Jamstack on new technologies.

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