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For a sample of our work, check out Switchboard. This project involved creating a new communication paradigm that facilitates hands-free spontaneous voice chat. A powerful real time audio engine mixes and balances audio from multiple sources including music, video, and microphones on the local & remote devices.  

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Our Watch Together Experience

Our Listen Together Experience

Leverage our proprietary tech including

Instant voice chat

Start instant voice connections hands-free using our persistent VoIP framework. Visual and audio feedback mechanisms. Intercom, walkie-talkie, auto-answer. Flexible publish-subscribe options for groups and individuals.

Configurable video chat

Video calls that can be left open for long periods of time with voice detection and silence suppression (great for OTT apps). Make videos visible in response to events like someone talking. 

In-call features

Multiple connection modes, microphone and speaker choice, easily add others, calls can interrupt or mix with external audio. We can help automate & simplify for your users. 

Messaging with transcripts

Send and receive voice messages with simultaneous transcripts to give users the option to read or listen. Choose whether to record calls and provide summary notes. 

Public channels

Public channel capabilities to allow broadcast to large groups. Allow audience to communicate with broadcaster / radio host / DJ / channel owner / influencer. 

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